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Window Cleaning Coverage

Our window cleaning division has been operating since 1969
during which time it has evolved into what it is today...

Our reach and wash system uses the latest technology to produce 100% pyre de-ionised water which dries to a perfect finish.  These machines allow us to clean not only your windows but frames, cills and cladding up to a height of 85 feet with no health and safety risks involved eliminating the use of a cherry picker or scaffold saving our clients money. We also have the traditional method available using squeegee and blade as some clients still prefer this. 

All our vehicles are fitted out to the highest specification allowing us to provide you with a first class service at a very competitive price.


Traditional squeegee and scrim method of cleaning also available

Having our own access equipment and IPAF qualified operators enables us to provide our clients with a very competitive rate not only for window cleaning but cladding and soffits. 

We have IRATA qualified rope access technicians allowing us to clean almost any type of building. All members of our staff are fully trained and insured in all aspects of cleaning. 

We cover an area from Alnwick down to Teeside on a daily basis and the whole of the UK depending on the size of the contract. 

The Reach and Wash System

The Method

Our Reach and Wash System enables the operator working from the ground to clean up to a height of 85ft with virtually no health and safety risks at  all.    Because of the risks involved within the window cleaning industry, most of our clients are now asking for the system to be used on their premises.

The System

The Reach and Wash System utilises reverse osmosis and mixed bed de-mineralising resin to produce 100% pure laboratory grade water. During window cleaning the final rinse water dries to a perfect finish and the window is left totally sterile. No chemicals or detergents are used in the process. In these days of heightened safety and environmental concerns this system fits in perfectly.

The Benefits

The benefits to the client are numerous because we offer a more professional approach to the cleaning of each building eliminating the use of a cherry picker or scaffolding saving the client money.

Because the system offers pure water technology without the use of chemicals we also clean window frames, cladding, fascias, signs, security lighting etc.

We also have various truck mounts and access platforms which enables us to carry out cleaning to awkward areas at high level and we can offer you very competitive prices. 

Internal Roof Glazing Cleaning

Clean It UK Group are specialists in all types of cleaning, including internal high level cleaning. We clean high level glazing, beams and pipework to maintain standards to factories, industrial buildings, offices, public areas and shopping malls. 

Our cleaning can be tailored to suit your needs!

Our fleet of access equipment and specialised machinery enables us to reach awkward or high level areas that you might not be able to access. This therefore allows us to complete a job not only to the best of our capability, but safely and efficently.

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