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Check out the variety of services that we at Clean It UK have to offer...

Graffiti Removal

Using our trained technicians, specialised chemicals and machinery graffiti can be removed without damage to surfaces or leaving any marks or shadowing. 

Graffiti can be removed from brick work, concrete, sandstone, painted surfaces, wood and plastic. We have a number of mobile vans that operate around the North East of England on a daily basis carrying out reactive works. Steam and pressure washing can be used for effective removal of the graffiti. 

Gum Removal

Discarded chewing gum has become a major problem in our towns and cities. 

Our vans cover the whole country working out of hours or weekends. Gum can be removed from most surfaces including asphalt, concrete, tarmac and entrance  matting without any damage whatsoever. 

Our trained operatives give the full area a deep clean and can follow up with a planned maintenance programme if required. 

High Pressure Water Blasting and Stonework Cleaning

Using the latest Falch jet washing machines and specialised chemicals we are able to obtain excellent results on most surfaces on all types of properties.

Our team can clean roofs, cladding, skylights, patio areas, stonework, brickwork to remove algae, moss, dirt and pigeon guano build up improving the look of your property. 

We have a fleet of mobile vans that operate around the North East of England on a daily basis carrying out reactive works. 

As with all our cleaning services, we can work out of hours of weekends to suit our clients needs to prevent any distruption to your business.

Land Maintenance

We offer a complete Grounds Maintenance service which is tailored to the needs of each individual client’s requirements.  Our range of services includes grass cutting, pruning, weed control, shrub pruning, litter picking, leaf blowing, cut back trees and hedges, car park sweeps and fly tipping removal.

Maintaining the exterior of your premises makes a great first impression.  Our experience and fully qualified staff ensure commitment to quality throughout all planned maintenance services.   We work with schools, supermarkets, business parks, offices and homes.  During the winter months a gritting and snow removal service can also be provided.

Carpet and Upholstry Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning division uses fully fitted truck mount systems along with small portable machines for smaller areas.

Our concentrated environmentally friendly extraction detergents are formulated for performance to clean heavily soiled carpets, rugs and upholstery

enabling us to remove all odours and stains. 

All our staff are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Gutter and Roof Cleaning

Gutters need to be kept clean and free flowing at all times as they need to direct rain fall away from your building. 

Blocked gutters prevent water draining away and this can lead to all types of problems into your property. 

Most of the time they are out of sight so out of mind.  A heavy rainstorm can cause water to overflow  into your buildings causing leaks or major flooding. 

We schedule a time which is convenient to you to carry out the cleaning and once complete we can set up a regular maintenance programme should you require one providing a clean and healthier environment to work in. 

 Our emergency response team can call out to clear up floods  and are available 7 days a week

Using one of our access platforms enables us to clear out  debris, weeds, leaves, moss and pigeon guano allowing free flowing rain water.  All waste is bagged, removed from the site and is disposed of. 

Experience has shown us that prevention is essential. Most of the time we get the call after the damage has already been done.  We recommend that your gutters are inspected and cleaned thoroughly at least twice per year to avoid costly repairs caused by blockages. 

We work with our customers and offer an out of hours or weekend service to suit your needs with no interruption to your business. 

High Level Pipe Work and Ceiling Cleaning

We have a variety of our own access equipment, materials and chemicals to clean internal high level pipework, beams and fixtures of confined spaces within factories, industrial units, food manufacturers, leisure centres, schools and airports.   We are able to provide a reliable and safe service with no disruption to your business working out of hours or weekends.   

We will provide a professional cleaning package ensuring minimum disruption to production operations.   Regular high level cleaning is vital to maintain a high standard of hygiene within your premises particularly in food manufacturing facilities where it will reduce the risk of costly product contamination taking place . 

Cladding Soffit and Fascia Cleaning

We clean all types of cladding with a variety of finishes on your buildings to remove moss, algae and dirt build up. The exterior of your building is the face of your business and if often the first thing a customer sees, so it is paramount that regular cleaning is completed to reflect positively on your company image.

We use a range of specialised tools and chemicals  during the cleaning process to restore cladding materials such as plastic, metal and upvc, curtain walling and  industrial garage doors .  Cleaning the cladding will improve the appearance of the building and effective cleaning will increase the longevity of the cladding preventing corrosion, mould and discolouration.  We can set up a regular service with no interruption  to your business using water fed poles or jet washing from mobile platforms.

Kitchen deep cleaning

Ensuring kitchen extract systems are cleaned is a legal requirement to comply with the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene regulations 2006.  We carry out deep cleans to kitchens, walls & floors to remove oil, fat or grease build up which can become a fire hazard.   


Businesses that do not comply can result in fines as well as the threat of business closure. Poor cleaning can result in bacterial contamination and the risk of pest infestations and the spread of disease.   

It is highly recommended that you have a deep clean to kitchen filters, vents, risers and duct work at least twice per year to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. 


Once the cleaning is complete you will be provided with a hygiene certificate to display that your kitchen has been deep cleaned and meets the required standards and a high level of cleanliness which is required by law.     

We work with hotels, restaurants, cafes, schools and takeaways.

Industrial Cleaning

Clean It UK Group are specialists in industrial cleaning solutions with a range of applications through multiple environments.  Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of specialist cleaning and we have the equipment, expertise and knowledge to assist you with any clean ups on any type of industrial jobs. 

Why work with us?

- We provide a free quotation to survey your requested site.

- We work out of hours or on weekends to suit your requirements

- We provide a range of specialist industrial cleaning solutions from high level cleaning to construction clean up's.

- We service a variety of environments specifically in the industrial sector from factories to commercial estates.

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