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Winter Services and Rock Salt


Winter Maintenance Programme

Clean it UK provide snow clearing, manual gritting and salt supply services. We cover the North East area to clear roads,walkways and footpaths leading into offices, schools, universities and retail parks.


We covered all our call-outs last year and kept our clients supplied with rock salt throughout all the winter months and minimised disruption to their staff and businesses. 


Winter always approaches faster than we anticipate so it's important to always be prepared for the harsh winters that affects our towns and cities across the country causing hazardous conditions and major disruptions. With this in mind, we strongly recommend you take  precautions, and get in touch today to book one of our many services.


A planned gritting maintenance programme is offered to all customers. Our team of staff monitor the weather by continually checking with the Met office. When temperatures are due to drop to 3 degrees Celsius or below, we can carry out an uninterrupted gritting service, which avoids costly delays. Our fleet of vehicles are on call 24 hours a day, to enable fast clearance of ice and snow from car parks and entry roads.

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Rock Salt and Supplies

Rock salt acts on ice and snow to lower their freezing point. This means that at zero or sub-zero temperatures when water is normally frozen in the form of ice and snow, the application of salt will melt it. This action is essential to keep roads and highways open during the winter months. Rock salt will ensure personal safety on walways, paths and car parks. 

We can supply white or brown rock salt in approximately 25kg bags, or loose using own fleet of vehicles. 

Ensure your staff and client are protected from slipping by ordering your rock salt today!

Grit Bins

Our grit bins are manufactured in a tough, medium density polyethylene and are available in 30, 100, 200 or 300 litre models. They come with strong durable hinges and watertight lids. Our bins are stackable and have a lockable option. 


Salt Spreaders and Snow Shovels

Our salt spreaders are ideal for pedestrian areas and smaller pathways and car parks. Suitable for long term use, they are delivered already assembled. They have a folding handle, deep lug wheels and are made out of heavy duty polyethylene. The spreaders hold approximately 1 bag of rock salt. 

You could also keep one of our snow shovels in stock to help keep areas free of snow and ice during the winter. We have a large range of tough snow shovels, spades and scoops in stock and are available in all different sizes and materials. 

"Clean it UK kindly spent Sunday and Monday Clearing the snow from the entire Follingsby Site and also gritting all the internal roads and yard. It is money well spent in a view of the possibility of trailers not being able to access the yard and collect the despatches, let alone the serious issue of staff parking and general safety."

Ken Renwick, Operations Manager, J Barbour & Sons Ltd. 

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