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Check out the variety of services we at Autodoor UK have to offer...

Doors, Shutters and Entry Systems

We pride ourselves in providing a prompt and efficient 24 hour call out service, 7 days per week. Once completing your initial install or repair we offer a planned maintenance service to suit your individual requirements. This programme is based upon a 6 monthly inspection carried out by our fully trained engineers followed by any repairs that may be required. 

Automatic Doors

Sliding, swing and revolving door sets can be installed to any type of business including offices, schools, garden centres, hotels and leisure centres. They are tailored to suit your needs at very competitive prices and improve accessibility and safety into a building

  • Replacement transom closers

  • Drive arms

  • Surface applied door closers

  • Bottom pivot sets

  • Anti - finger trap devices

We pride ourselves on our turnaround time from order to installation.

Roller Shutters

All automatic doors and roller shutters must be subject to controlled regular maintenance and service procedures. Doors and shutters should also be force tested. Roller shutters are a very good way to protect buildings whilst they are not occupied and are often installed over doors or windows to give that extra security. 

Electric roller shutters and sectional doors are normally fitted with a key switch and can be manual or electric. This is an up and down button or key that the user must hold whilst the door is operating otherwise the door will stop. It is a safety feature that MUST be fitted. Safety beams and bottom safety edges will also be fitted. The shutters can come in a galvanised finish or can be powder coated to a colour of your choice. 

All our Automatic door engineers have the BS EN16005 Accreditation and the company is registered with ADSA. We provide a 6 or 12 monthly planned maintenance service to suit your individual requirements. Our service package covers all points of entry and exits to a building. Once we have carried out the service a maintenance certificate is then produced.

Residential Garage Doors

Automated garage doors are very popular on residential properties. Available in a range of colours with quiet operation. The doors are operated by remote control and also have an up and down button internally. For safety reasons the bottom of the garage door is fitted with a rubber safe edge. If a car or a person is under the curtain as it comes down the rubber compresses and activates a switch which stops the door coming down and preventing any damage to a car or injury to a person. 

Steel and Fire Exit Doors

Autodoor UK supply and install steel door sets, fire exit doors and plant room doors complete with air vents. These are made to order and can be installed within a few hours. The steel doors provide a good measure of security and can be powder coated to a colour of your choice and are very robust. Equally suited to commercial, retail, leisure, public, transport and residential installations. Blending strength and durability that integrates perfectly with the opening for a flush frame to wall finish. They are made to suit any existing openings.

Fire exit doors are delivered ready to fit with emergency panic escape bars, hinges, door closers and locks all pre-fitted.

Our steel doors are ideal for internal or external use on plant rooms, bin stores, server rooms and other storage facilities. Available in a huge range of colours and panel options. 

Our Association with 

Autodoor are proud to serve the NHS at various hospitals and health centres throughout the North East of England. 

Automatic doors are very important within the hospital and health sectors to allow ease of access by patients as well as staff and are a major part in the D.D.A (Disabled Discrimination Act) within a buildings fabric. Automatic doors can be activated by sensors, push buttons, push pads, remote fobs and access control systems. 

We fit automatic swing or slide operators to existing door sets or we can supply and install a complete door package to suit your requirements.

One of our contract manager's will be happy to visit site to survey and provide you with advice on what type of application they would recommend to suit your operational requirements. A free of charge quotation will then be provided. 

Health and Safety Regulations

Safety is a priority for all companies bearing in mind the constant changes to Health and Safety regulations. Regular servicing of doors, windows and shutters not only provides a safe working environment for your staff but also your customers. Additionally it can aid in prolonging the life of the equipment. 

NEW REGULATIONS STATE that it is now a legal requirement in accordance with the machine directive European standard EN16005 to 1.2003 that all powered, automatic doors and roller shutters must be subject to a controlled regular maintenance and service procedure. With emphasis on the safety features such as bottom safe edges and safety beams to maintain the standard of your roller shutter.


Our service package covers all points of entry and exits into a building. We check manual, automatic doors, fire exit doors and roller shutters for a fixed maintenance charge. After completing the service you will receive a full engineers report detailing all the work carried out and advising you of any necessary repairs. 


Electrical Services

Autodoor UK offer an electrical maintenance package covering all aspects of testing, monitoring, fixing and replacing elements of an electrical system. Installation can range from a single socket or lighting circuit to a full rewire of a house, office, shop or an industrial unit. Routine maintenance is required as part of the Electricity at Work Act whether an addition or an upgrade has been completed to your existing electrical installation and testing certificates are always completed and provided for your records. 

If you have an electrical fault or damage occurs we will respond to provide reactive maintenance to make safe, replace or repair and minimise any disruption to your business. We can also arrange for planned preventative maintenance which includes general electrical maintenance including repairs and servicing of power and lighting systems. Periodic testing is a scheduled inspection and testing of fixed wiring, emergency lighting and all other types of electrical systems to ensure your installations are safe and working correctly. 

Electrical maintenance covers all aspects of testing, monitoring, fixing and replacing elements of an electrical system including sockets and switches. Electrical preventive maintenance and testing is one of the most important functions to be performed in order to maintain the reliability and integrity of electrical distribution systems, as well as the protection of equipment and all personnel. As a member Napit all work carried out is certified. 

We can repair faulty electrical circuits including replacing damaged sockets and switches. Upgrades to your existing fuse board (consumer unit) to comply with the current standards can also be carried out. Reports from fire investigations show an increasing trend in the number of fires involving consumer units, many due to overheating of substandard connections. 

Illuminated Sign and Fascia Maintenance

Our electricians repair and maintain all types of illuminated signs, fascia's and light boxes to the interior and exterior of buildings. Illuminated signage provides 24 hour visibility, working day and night to promote your company and draw attention to potential customers so it is very important that they are maintained regularly to remain functional and attractive.

A full scheduled maintenance programme can be arranged which includes a check of all wiring, fittings, fascia boxes and illuminated signs and replace lights where necessary. Lights can also be upgraded to LED. 

Security and Car Park Lighting

There is a legal obligation to maintain car park safety and ensure car parks are suitable for the people and vehicles using them. HSE recommends implementing a monitoring process for car parks, including regular physical inspections. The Institute of Civil Engineers advocates that for more complex car parks, there is a proper, comprehensive care plan, which includes regular inspection, maintenance and repair. 

Our electricians service and maintain security and car park lighting. We can replace lamps, clean lens covers, check motion sensors or replace existing SON metal halide lamps for complete efficient LED systems. 

Security lights are a great investment as they provide a level of illumination to clearly identify persons or objects, creates a psychological deterrent to criminals and peace of mind to the owners. When a potential intruder walks up to your property, they will be flooded with a light that draws attention to themselves and their actions, that may in itself be a great reason to have security lights fitted.


You must ensure a cark park is safely lit and it's important not to cause obtrusive light. Obtrusive light could be a glare or excessive light intruding on another property. Strategic placement of your lighting will save you money and prevent complaints. Lighting levels must be appropriate for the size of your car park. 

Electric Charging Solutions

With over 10 years of experience in the EV industry, Autodoor UK have installed electric vehicle charging points to numerous industrial and commercial properties.

From EV charging solutions for the home, commercial locations, workplaces and fleets Autodoor provide an exceptional service led by a team of qualified staff. Whilst offering the UK's largest range of AC fast and DC rapid charging points, Autodoor also have the reputation for delivering cost-effective solutions to suit all budgets and requirements. 

The extensive range of EV charging points has proven to be a success amongst many businesses and organisations. 

Increasingly found in a town centre  and shopping outlets, public charging stations need weather proof IP ratings and be vandal resistant to prevent damage or public safety issues. The fastest rapid charging stations can charge the vehicle battery in under 8 minutes which involves dangerously high voltages and requires surge and override protection to protect the equipment, the vehicle and the users. Domestic or commercial charging stations must be user friendly, easy to install and safe to supply higher voltages than are usually found in the home or office environment. 

There are also P.E.C'S (Photo Electronic Cells) which are safety beams which will stop the door operating if the beams are broken. The curtain is manufactured from insulated aluminium laths and has a powder coated finish to a colour of your choice. A manual handle is also provided for emergency access in case there is ever a power failure to the door. 

Regulations state that it is a legal requirement in accordance with the machine directive EN standards. 

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